[Veritas-bu] Windows open file backup problem with VSP.

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Thu Mar 10 16:28:53 CST 2005


I have had similar issues and most of the reasons is due to a lack of free
space on the server for the snapshot to be stored.
To resolved it I:
   Reduced the space available for the snapshot manually
   increased the amount of free space on the drive
   specified a drive with more space to store the snapshot.
   Checked the drives for the old snapshots and removed them to free up
   some space.

 Since I have customised these I have not had any snapshot errors, however
it has only been 1 month!

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I'm running NB5.1 on a Solaris 9 V240 master server.
I have several Windows 2000 clients, and on some of them,
randomly, the VSP feature (to be able to back up open
files) fails and the backup proceeds and skips all open
It may run OK for some machines, during certain amounts of
time, but sometimes it fails several nights in a row,
preventing a backup of open files night after night, until
luckily it works OK once.

I'm investigating on this problem for maybe 1 year, and I
may have posted here in the early days, but now this is
being more critical.

Most of the files are .PST (outlook) files that users always
keep open. If VSP can't back them up properly, how could I
back them up?

Has anyone had the same problem? And if so, how did you
solve it.

Thanks for any help.

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