[Veritas-bu] NBU client corrupting HP Network files?

Paul Keating pkeating at bank-banque-canada.ca
Thu Mar 10 13:10:31 CST 2005

the machines are all being built from a ghost image, which is the
strange part.....same platform, same ghost image......
problem pops up on some, but not others.

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	When is he installing the HP Networking agents? We use almost
exclusively DL380s here, and haven't run into this problem. We're
running DL380s with Win2K and Win2003, Netbackup 5.1MP1, and we install
our OS by using the HP smartstart CD, so it installs all the HP
components at OS install time. Haven't seen this problem yet.

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		We've got a lot of HP DL380 boxes here, which haven't
been a problem, ofr the most part.
		One of the Windows guys just brought to my attention a
little bug.
		He's building machines for a new application that is
being deployed and when he double clicks the icon labelled "HP Network",
either in the system tray or in the control panel, he was getting an
error referrring to "invalid data in XML file".
		He reimaged the machine, and it was fine...then
installed the NBU client, and got the error again.
		Seems to be happening reliably, during hte NBU install.
		Anyone ever seen something like this?
		It's happening repeatedly and reliably on a couple
boxes, though we've got dozens in production without this problem.

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