[Veritas-bu] NDMP Backup/Restore using NetBackup Media Server for NetWare

Paul Keating pkeating at bank-banque-canada.ca
Thu Mar 10 07:17:43 CST 2005

Are you trying to restore to the same server you backed up? Or to a
separate machine?
I would guess you did the set_ndmp_attr in order to backup the
machine....if you're restoring to a different machine, I'm thinking you
may not have set the password on the alternate host.


Are you doing the restore from the client or from the server? If from
the client, maybe you don't have client initated restores permitted.


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> Hi there, 
> got a little problem in a customer's NetBackup Enterprise 
> Server installation.
> We're going to back up some Novell NetWare Servers using 
> dedicted, direct attached 
> devices on the servers. On NetBackup side, we're using the 
> NetWare Media Server Option, 
> which backs up clients using the NDMP protocol... 
> After some struggeling around, the backup of the NetWare 
> hosts to local media works. 
> When trying to restore files from backup, all files are 
> marked inaccessible (!) in the restore 
> file browser. Marking and restoring those files ends with:
> -> bptm NDMP attribute lookup failed - verify attributes with 
> set_ndmp_attr
> -> bpbrm client restore EXIT STATUS 5: the restore failed to 
> recover the requested files
> Whats the matter with it? Any permission problems while 
> backing up the files? 
> I'd appreciate any help! 
> Regards, 
> -- Mirko Schlottke
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