[Veritas-bu] Re: BPDBJOBS_COLDEFS and NBU 5.x

David Rock dave-bu at graniteweb.com
Wed Mar 9 14:02:19 CST 2005

* Parnell, Bill <B.Parnell at abertay.ac.uk> [2005-03-09 16:13]:
> I created a bp.conf file and added the lines I require, then restarted
> the netbackup services.
> This has made no difference.  I have even added them into the vm.conf
> file to no avail.
> I have read on the veritas forum that the windows version does not use a
> bp.conf file at all.
> Anyone have any other ideas as to where I can set the columns that the
> bpdbjobs command displays with the -report option selected.

You may want to consider alternative ways of collecting information. I
personally think BPDBJOBS_COLDEFS is a lousy way of managing the jobs
output anyway. Anything that requires you to modify bp.conf and restart
the software is stupid.

Check out this link for a discussion of the -all_columns output format
and a couple ways to use it ( one of them is my Python program ).


David Rock
david at graniteweb.com
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