[Veritas-bu] WIN32 1450 error?

Stump, Robert (Contractor) (J6B) Robert.Stump.ctr at dla.mil
Wed Mar 9 10:51:59 CST 2005

This WIN32 error is a Microsoft documented issue and can referred to in
Microsoft Article IDs:

*	Q192409 

*	Q236964

The issue can be verified by monitoring the value for "Paged Memory Pools"
in the Windows NT4 Performance Monitor (perfmon.exe) during the backup. As
soon as this value reaches about 200000, the backup will fail with the error
message "Win32 1450 Insufficient system resources"

Even though similar cases showed successful backups when setting the
Registry Value HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session
Manager\Memory Management to 15, Microsoft should be contacted (
http://support.microsoft.com/ <http://support.microsoft.com/>  ) as this
setting will affect the whole Memory Management of Windows NT4.


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Hi everyone,


This is an error message I haven't seen before, and it's not clear to me
whether this was a problem on the client, or on the master/media server:


"WIN32 1450:  Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested


I saw this message in a Problems report, but the overall backup job
completed with a status of 1.  Should I look on the client for issues, or
look on the master/media server for problems?




Marshall Skare

ATIS - Unix Engineering

(612) 277-4434


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