[Veritas-bu] -----> Processes problem

Jérôme Meyer jerome.meyer at pax.ch
Wed Mar 9 04:56:11 CST 2005

Hi All,

I'm using NBU 4.5 on a AIX Server.

Each time a administrator computer call the Veritas NetBackup
Administration Console, NBU open a vmd port and make a connection
(tcpip) to that computer.
We can see this process with the command bpps -a

-----> root 56050 22746 0 Mar 02 - 0:00 /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/oprd
-sockfd 5 -verbose

and we can see the tcp port with the commands lsof or
netstat -a

-----> oprd 25544 root 5u IPv4 0x700f1adc 0t7162 TCP
server:vmd->adminpc:12497 (ESTABLISHED)
-----> tcp4 0 0 server.vmd adminpc.12497 ESTABLISHED

My problem is that sometimes for any reason, the NBU process increase
I can see this following processes until 100 times or more...

-----> root 56050 22746 0 Mar 02 - 0:00 /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/oprd
-sockfd 5 -verbose

and this 100 connections or more between the server and the adminpc

-----> tcp4 0 0 server.vmd adminpc.12497 ESTABLISHED

Ok, wenn I saw that I stop the Management Console on the adminpc and
stop NBU with kill process but it doesn't run.
Each time the process is killed an other comes again... the only things
that I can make is to REBOOT the server...

As anyone has still this problem?
Can we close the vmd or oprd port?
What should I make in this situations?
Anyone as an idea?

Best regards
jerome m. 

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