[Veritas-bu] System State:\ Backup Jobs hang

Eric Ljungblad Eric.Ljungblad at CopleyPress.com
Wed Mar 9 02:41:28 CST 2005

 What error's are reported, ? 54 41, ? are they Windows with system state -
NT has no system state. If it gets really slow like it should
maybe change your connection / file browse/ timeouts from 300 to 600?
I backup several PC's and have issues', = Settings on the PC where Turn off
hard drives after 25 minutes, that hurts, settings, go in to standbye -
those kill backups for PC's -   but most of all is the local
firewall   - that dusts backups completely.

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Hello all,

Does anyone of you discover problems with Windows Server System State
My policies are configures to use multiple datastreams. All drive are
fine, only the 
System state backup hangs (mounted tape and no activities)
My master runs Windows 2000 / Netbackup Enterprise 5.0 MP4.

Anyone seen this?

Best Regards


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