[Veritas-bu] Master migration to new server. 2 masters to consolidate to one.

Daniel Lupton LuptonD at starcity.com.au
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I am not sure about the name change but migrating the catalogue from UNIX
to Windows is not easy if  possible at all. I have attempted this the other
way round (Windows to Linux). We tried to import the catalogue from the
catalogue backup (we knew it would not work but thought we would give it a
shot). We tried to convert the binary image and media catalogue to ASCII,
ftp them to the new server and then import them into the new server. This
failed because apparently the media database does not convert from binary
to ASCII. The only solution for us is to import each tape manually.

As for changing the name, we will be addressing this in the next week or so
in our test environment as we change the new name of our NetBackup server
due to a new naming convention. If you find any tips/info please let us all

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Hi All

Im looking for information on migration of a 5.1 master server to a new 5.1
master server. They will both be at the same FP release. Advice from
veritas so far says "keep the host name the same" but I cant do this. Any
links to howtos and other hints are very welcome. There are no media
servers and about 20 clients.

Actually it's not that simple. Im upgrading a 4.5 windows data center and a
4.5 solaris business server to 5.1 and then consolidating these both to
windows enterprise server 5.1. So I need to know how to bring the catelog
of one master into another.

The email from veritas support suggests that Im in for big pain.

Thanks in advance.

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