[Veritas-bu] Master migration to new server. 2 masters to consolidate to one.

Broun, Bevan brounb at adi-limited.com
Tue Mar 8 18:39:09 CST 2005

Hi All

Im looking for information on migration of a 5.1 master server to a new 5.1
master server. They will both be at the same FP release. Advice from
veritas so far says "keep the host name the same" but I cant do this. Any
links to howtos and other hints are very welcome. There are no media
servers and about 20 clients.

Actually it's not that simple. Im upgrading a 4.5 windows data center and a
4.5 solaris business server to 5.1 and then consolidating these both to
windows enterprise server 5.1. So I need to know how to bring the catelog
of one master into another.

The email from veritas support suggests that Im in for big pain.

Thanks in advance.


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