[Veritas-bu] Read an NDMP image with tar?

william.d.brown@gsk.com william.d.brown at gsk.com
Tue Mar 8 17:20:16 CST 2005

In the case of the Celerra you can set the format to tar, by setting the 
appropriate directive, through the files tab of the policy.  This is the 

To enable path-based history, enter the following at the top of the list 
on the NetBackup policy’s Backup Selections tab (file list):

set type = tar

Although this talks of path-based history, it does in fact tell the 
Celerra to use tar format, as per the NDMP specification.

The "VERITAS NetBackup for NDMP: Supported OS and NAS Appliance 
Information" document defines the settings available for each NDMP 
appliance type.

But....try before committing to delivering a service on this...

If you really need to save money you can use the local server_archive 
command to write tapes, and can schedule running that by using cron jobs 
on the Celerra...but that would not help with plain old file restores, so 
I can't see that being useful.   The idea of paying for a Celerra and then 
saving money is odd!

William D L Brown

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