[Veritas-bu] Read an NDMP image with tar?

Darren Dunham ddunham at taos.com
Tue Mar 8 16:28:14 CST 2005

> As Jann Toole noted, there is no problem in principle reading the tapes 
> from your NDMP backups using tar, as you said you have set them to use tar 
> format.  I think there may be a Veritas document on this somewhere.   I 
> have to admit I've not tried it!   You will want to know the physical 
> layout of the tapes, I think you will find it using a 64k blocksize.

NDMP does not specify a data representation for the client (data server)
to send.  The client can pick whatever it wants (as has been mentioned,
a 'dump' compatible format is used quite often).  Because it's up to the
client, neither netbackup nor any other NDMP server can affect it.  If
it's not tar when it arrives, it won't be transformed later.


You cannot expect in general to be able to use tar/dump or anything else
to successfully restore an NDMP backup.   

You can probably rely on any specific method (usually dump format) to
work once you've tested it for a particular NDMP client, although
boundary conditions for filenames, permissions, ACLs, etc. will likely

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