[Veritas-bu] log archiving

Dave Markham dave.markham at fjserv.net
Tue Mar 8 11:31:14 CST 2005

Im just wondering what people do with logs.

Im running various netbackup versions mostly on unix. Primarily 
netbackup 5 with a couple of 4.5's around.

I have my normal policies doing / , /var and then some database policies 
or other bits and bobs. I do some offsiting with an Offsite policy on 
one customer but have been worried this will be strange and reset file 
time stamps causing incremental to be screwy as i back up mostly the 
same data. Now i try and go down Inline tape copy to a different volume 
pool. Is this the way most of you go?

Once customer i have a log policy with a different tape pool and much 
larger retentions. I exclude the log directories from normal backups and 
back them up as normal. The problem i have with this is theres so many 
locations and exclude lists to watch plus i dont know of a way to 
archive to tape things older than a certain time which are no longer 
needed on disk from the main netbackup.

What i have done on a another customer is to run a script nightly which 
has find commands of log locations and puts the list to a file. Then 
invokes bparchive from the client as a user archive and netbackup then 
removes the files on successfully completion. Is this the way to go?

Simple idea of the latter way would be :-


 > /tmp/fout
find /opt/IBMHTTPD/logs/ -type f -mtime +30d >> /tmp/fout 2>/dev/null
find /app/somepath/logs/certainlog.* -type f -mtime +30d >> /tmp/fout 

if [ -s /tmp/fout ];then
       bparchive -L /var/log/netbackup/archive.log -f /tmp/fout

I was wondering what you guys do and was hoping to seek clarification on 
having different policies doing incrementals on the same files resetting 
backup times etc on the files.


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