[Veritas-bu] Read an NDMP image with tar?

MacKinnon, G. R. (Gregory) gmackinn at ford.com
Tue Mar 8 09:49:35 CST 2005

J R wrote:

>You will not be able to use tar or gnu tar to read
>NDMP backups. They are not written using the same
>method (i.e. Tar format)as regular NetBackup backups.
>They are written using the NDMP dump command which is
>an entirely different format. NetBackup when
>performing backups or restores relies entirely on the
>NDMP server to write or read the data. You must have
>an NDMP server at the new location in order to recover
>these tapes. It doesn't necessarily have to be a
>Celerra but does have to support the same NDMP version
>as the Celerra does (which most of them do). 
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Man, I'm missing my Solaris/samba server with SAN attached
disks more and more.



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