[Veritas-bu] Fragment Sizes...

Jim Langston jlangston at northeastmedical.org
Mon Mar 7 08:31:42 CST 2005


I just upgraded my master and media servers from Datacenter 4.5MP5 to
Enterprise Server 5.0MP4.  I've been running Veritas since 10/03 in my
environment and I've always had a 2 GB fragment size.  My infrastructure
is a StorageTek L700e library with 8 LTO2 drives.  My master server
controls the robot and has 4 drives assigned and my media server has 4
drives assigned.  

I'm getting conflicting recommendations from Veritas support.  Some say
that 2 GB is too small for an LTO2 drive while others say it is fine.
Does anyone else have a similar configuration?  If so, what is your
fragment size?



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