[Veritas-bu] RE: oracle agent only vs. oracle agent + advanced client + vxfs (to get BLI)

Abdul Rasheed abdulrasheed.a at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 20:52:38 CST 2005


   RMAN puts the database in backup mode and uses an Oracle server 
session to stream data to a backup device. Naturally the database 
performance will be downgraded during backup. The larger the database, 
the longer it takes for the backup, hence longer the time database 
running in degraded mode.

   If you use any of the Advanced Client methods (BLI using VxFS 
Checkpoint is one among multiple snapshot methods supported by Advanced 
Client), the database needs to stay in backup mode just to take the 
snapshot. Once the snapshot is taken the database can be taken out of 
backup mode. This duration of degraded performance is much less in 
comparison with the time taken to complete the backup.

   Keep in mind that BLI can be done with or without RMAN. Please refer 
the NetBackup for Oracle System Administrator's Guide for details.

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