[Veritas-bu] Splitting large jobs

Mark.Donaldson@cexp.com Mark.Donaldson at cexp.com
Fri Mar 4 14:12:23 CST 2005

Well, while writing this up, I was inspired by the possiblity so I found a
place to test this and it doesn't work.

I think it's interpreting the "!" of the "not" operator as a literal.  I'm
getting bunches of error 71's.


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I haven't tried this in a policy filelist but the file list rules seem to
pattern match according to the rules of "ls" so you might try this:

/!(big)                 << everything but /big
/big/mydocs/[a-m]*      << files in mydocs starting "a" to "m"
/big/mydocs/[n-z]*      << files in mydocs starting "n" to "z"
/big/mydocs/!([a-z]*)   << files in mydocs not starting "a" to "z" 
/big/!(mydocs)          << things in /big that aren't in /bin/mydocs

I'm assuming with the first NEW_STREAM designator that you're set to cross
mountpoints, otherwise, just "/" should work to get your root filesystem.

I've been playing with this type of thing using the "ls" command and it
seems to return what I want.  I'm looking for the right place to test this
in my environment.  Perhaps you could give it a try & report?


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I have a 1TB volume mounted on /big, it mostly contains the users mydocs.

At the moment I backup the box nightly to a 6 tape library using the 
ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES directive, which works fine. However it is getting to the 
stage where the job that does /big is taking to long.

Is there any way to automatically split the job up, so that it can make use
the other tape drives in the library that are idle?

So far my only thought is to split it manually by changing the backup 
selections to something like:

However that then leaves out /big/*

Any thoughts?

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