[Veritas-bu] Reducing restore time (pre mount)

Arne Kloecker arne at topnet.de
Fri Mar 4 02:39:28 CST 2005


we have a very bad situation here. I need to restore 2 complete filesystems, 
wich each are about 150 GByte and over 1 million files. To make things even 
worse, i need to restore a True Image of one special day which was 18 days 
after the last full backup, so there are a lot of differential backups to 
check for the system.

It takes over 12 hours for netbackup to calculate what images it needs, and 
before it asks for the first tape.

Is there any way to speed this up? Manually restoring the full + incrementals 
is not an option as too many files where deleted between the backups, which 
would then be restored.

Oh before i forget, we use Netbackup Datacenter 3.41, Linux Master, Solaris 
Media Server.

Any hints how i can speed it up?

Best regards

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