[Veritas-bu] problems configuring the tape drive

Tina.McDowney@VHDA.com Tina.McDowney at VHDA.com
Thu Mar 3 15:04:36 CST 2005

In our test environment, we have the following specs. MS windows 2003;
Netbackup 4.5; a standalone tape drive -hcart2 drive type; a master and
media server; currently the tape drive is physically attached to the master
I'm able to see the drive via computer management; however, when I run
configuration wizard through the Netbackup Console, I get the following
error message: Could not get device configuration.  The external robot
mappings file has invalid license infor (2)

Via Device monitor, the recorded media id is A00000.  The drive actually
mounted in the drive is Z998L2.



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