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This hurts...but...Check the support.veritas.com website for you the
device mapping updates that you may need for that support.

You can use the existing HBA, but remember the CDL will emulate a
library just as though you had dropped in a physical L700 or a Scalar
1000, etc. 

Remember you can only send data so fast across an HBA...so that may be a
deciding factor for you.

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Couple questions regarding implementing CDL.

I have an AIX 5.2 master server running 4.5 FP8 with a scsi attached
tape silo, tape drives and master server are fiber attached to SAN.
8 Media servers running SSO, also fiber attached to a SAN.

All of this runs fine.

We just purchased an EMC CDL 700.  I want to add the CDL to our current


Im not sure how to add another robotic device and path to our
Right now I have a scsi ovpass for the L700.  Do I need to create a
ovpass for the CDL?

Im guessing I need to create a new robot for the CDL, according to FP8
documentation EMC disk is an available robotic type, however EMC disk
not display as one of the choices when I try to create a new robot?

Do I need to add another HBA on the master server and attach it to the
for the CDL?


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