[Veritas-bu] Window ltid service problems

Karen Grider karen.grider at fedex.com
Wed Mar 2 16:53:44 CST 2005

I have a windows media server running Netbackup Enterprise server 5.1
mp1.  I have seen this on several of my media servers and on my master
at one time or another.   


I bring down Netbackup and when I bring my services back up and run
vmoprcmd (or any service that uses or refers to the device manager) I
get the error "ltid is not active".  I confirm that it is active.
Sometimes I wait 15 or so minutes and the error goes away.   Has anyone
seen this before or know how to fix this problem?


Karen F. Grider

Sr. Business Systems Analyst

FedEx Express EBS Hosting

karen.grider at fedex.com



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