[Veritas-bu] NetBackup: how to confirm that file was backed up ?

Aleksandr Rainchik rainchik at mail.ru
Wed Mar 2 11:25:47 CST 2005

We have NetApp filers where we dump some files, they are
gettingbacked up by NetBackup (5.1) via NDMP. My goal is to keep 5
days of those files and remove them after 5 days, but I have to be
sure that those files ended up on tape as part of Full backup.
Incremental backup is not enough.

That would be easy if I can tell bplist to show me files
that were part of Full backup, similar to "-st FULL" switch for
bpimagelist. But bplist doesn't have such option...

How would you attack this problem?

Thank you!

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