[Veritas-bu] windows admin console with Solaris Master

Paul Keating pkeating at bank-banque-canada.ca
Wed Mar 2 09:18:10 CST 2005

When running the Windows admin console, it appears to attempt to connect
to the master server as the user logged into the windows workstation.
If I adminster the netbackup master as "root" and I'm logged into my PC
as something else, what is the best way around this??
If I'm logged into my PC as "paul" the NB admin console tries to connect
to the NB master as user "paul".
With the java console, I know I could create a user on the NB master
called "paul" and enter the userid in the /usr/openv/java/auth.conf
file...but this not being java, I'm stuck.
In the past, I've either used the java GUI, which prompts for the master
server, userid, and pasword to login, OR used the old X GUI. on a unix
BTW, running NB 5.0 MP3 on Solaris 8.
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