[Veritas-bu] Post backup scripts?

Ungaro, Matt mjungaro at capitolindemnity.com
Wed Mar 2 08:19:13 CST 2005

Hi David,
	Thanks for sending that, I read it yesterday, but it's not really
giving me the information I need. I would love to be able to know how much
data was backed up. That's probably the most important thing. But from what
the Veritas Docs say, I really don't get that passed to the bpend_notify


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* Ungaro, Matt <mjungaro at capitolindemnity.com> [2005-03-01 14:30]:
> I would like to have a script run after a certain backup policy runs that
> e-mail me the size of the amount of data backed up. I don't want to do this
> globally for all policies. I'm running NB Enterprise 5.1 MP1 on Windows
> Server 2003 backing up a Server 2003 client. If there's a way to specify
> after the policy runs to run a certain VBScript, that would be great. It
> would also be good to know how to pass variables to the script for various
> information that I may need, such as policy name, schedule, backup type,
> image number. Thanks!

You are looking for bpend_notify.bat it gets placed on the client.


Check out the section on notify scripts, PDF page 159

David Rock
david at graniteweb.com

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