[Veritas-bu] hostname returning Fully Qualified Domain Name ( long-name)

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What's in your /etc/nodename file?  I think that's the source for the
"hostname" command.


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When installing NetBackup, I normally use the
shortname for all machines during the installation
process. Yesterday, I installed a new Master and SAN
Media Server. The hostname command on the machines
returned the Fully Qualified names of the machines
(although the hosts file was set to "ip short-name
long-name"). When I ran the Device wizard to detect
the shared drives on the Master and SAN Media Server,
Netbackup added the drives for the SAN Media Server
using the the long-name. 

Does any one know if this will cause problems in the

Is it normal for the hostname command to return the
FQDN? Should I have installed NetBackup using FQDNs in
this environment?

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