[Ncame-students] Old box furnace calibration

Mohammad Salman Yasin mzy0037 at auburn.edu
Fri Jun 25 09:05:49 CDT 2021


Please see below the calibration results of the old box furnace.

Set temperature Thermocouple reading
520     503 + 5
720     705 + 3
920     903 + 2
1020    1002 + 1

Please use this data as a reference only and use the thermocouple during your own heat treatments to monitor the temperature. The readings were taken using an empty furnace, so the actual temperature for the furnace may be a bit different when you have specimens inside.
It usually takes a few minutes(about 5 minutes) to obtain a stable temperature in the furnace, even when the furnace screen shows a stable temperature.

Thank you.
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