[Ncame-students] Powder Inventory Cycle Count Kick-off (6/23)

Arash Soltani Tehrani azs0181 at auburn.edu
Thu Jun 24 18:40:22 CDT 2021


I wanted to let you know that Elizabeth, Salman, Nabeel, Faysal and me finished logging all the titanium alloys in the system. We also moved most of the Ti powders to basement.
You may be able to find the excel sheep (powder-titanium alloys) on the Desktop in the basement computer.

Thank you

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Tomorrow, let's go ahead and move forward with each team counting and logging their material. We spoke with Emmanuel earlier, and there is a maximum of 250 pounds of material total upstairs (including in machines). For now, let's count, log, and organize the material as well as prepare a spreadsheet similar to what Shaharyar for each material type. After getting a better idea of what we have, we can relocate some material downstairs to ensure we are under that 250 pound limit.

For those of us not assigned to a material, we can start organizing material, barcoding containers, and labeling cabinets in the 'Warehouse' downstairs.


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