[Ncame-students] Powder Inventory Cycle Count Kick-off (6/23)

William Brannon wbb0008 at auburn.edu
Tue Jun 22 17:18:39 CDT 2021


Tomorrow, let's go ahead and move forward with each team counting and logging their material. We spoke with Emmanuel earlier, and there is a maximum of 250 pounds of material total upstairs (including in machines). For now, let's count, log, and organize the material as well as prepare a spreadsheet similar to what Shaharyar for each material type. After getting a better idea of what we have, we can relocate some material downstairs to ensure we are under that 250 pound limit.

For those of us not assigned to a material, we can start organizing material, barcoding containers, and labeling cabinets in the 'Warehouse' downstairs.


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