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Subject: Air and Power Outage


I have just confirmed with AU Facilities and with Quincy Air Compressors and we are all set for an air and power outage for next week. The schedule I intend to adhere to is as follows:

Power Outage

  *   Areas Affecteod
     *   MTS Hydraulic Pump
     *   All outlets in Basement Lab 008 including furnaces
     *   All outlets in Air Compressor/Pump Room including chillers
  *   Start Time: Monday June 14th at 8am
  *   Finish Time: Monday June 14th at 5pm

Air Outage

  *   Areas affected
     *   All compressed air in Additive Manufacturing Labs
  *   Start Time: Monday June 14th at 8am
  *   Finish Time: Thursday June 17th at 5pm

Thank you for your help with this. As indicated above, the power outage will only be for Monday, however, the air will be out most of the week because of having to uninstall, install, and perform startup on the new compressor.

Thank you for your understanding,


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