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Please pay attention to these dates for the outage so that you can schedule your work in advance.

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Cc: Amanda Hanks <aah0007 at auburn.edu>
Subject: Air and Power Outage

Nima, Arash, and Patricio,

I just wanted to let you know that both the electricians and the plumbers have confirmed that the week of June 14th works for them for us to do the air compressor swap. I am still waiting to hear from Quincy to make sure they can do start up. I anticipate the following outages:

Power (this will include all equipment in the basement-MTS pump, furnaces, chiller)
June 14th - All day

June 14th - 17th

Please let me know if you think this will be OK with you.

I am going to have a compressed air line installed in the basement and I am going to do this while the air compressor is down so that we do not have to schedule a second outage. For this work, I will need a FOP. Amanda, could you send the one you wish to use?



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