[Ncame-students] Metallography lab

Pooriya Dastranjy Nezhadfar pzd0022 at auburn.edu
Tue Oct 27 18:28:58 CDT 2020

Dear colleagues,

I'd like to share some information, which I believe will help us to be more efficient:

-          The sandpapers can be used up to 15 min with 150 rpm and 10N force. So, please keep the ones that have been used only for a couple of minutes.

-          Regarding the cold mounting, if you are using the swift cold mounting material, please note that 10 grams of the white powder will be enough for one mount. So, it would be 10 grams white powder, 10 grams conductive filler, and 5 grams liquid for one mount.

-          I have scheduled a biweekly cleaning for the polishers, both the mechanical and vibratory polishers. I will notify each person beforehand. For the vibratory polisher, the slurry silica needs to be dried and the pad needs to be washed.

-          Please wash the sandpapers (the ones you are keeping) and chemomet in the sink after you are done, especially if you used the Silica 0.05 um (blue suspension), as it will be crystalized and scratch the specimens later on.

-          Please empty the buckets after you are done with polishing. If the drum in the lab is full, you can bring one from the basement where the band saw is located. I've already put a new one in the lab.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for your cooperation in advance!


P.D. Nezhadfar, Ph.D. Student
Microscopy Laboratory Coordinator
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