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Hi Michael

There are some AlSi10Mg powder loaded in Renishaw. I think it should be around 30 kg. Not sure exactly how much was inside from beginning. However, we had couple of print which I dont think it used more than 5 kg of powder as the density is very low.

We had two small bell crank print. And I had two lattice print which were small.

Dr Tsolas’s student also used the machine couple of times however in total it should be around 10 kg of powder used for all of these prints.

They also purchased some AlSi10Mg which is new and stored in cabinets. I have sent the information to Shaharyar before however if you need I can send the purchase order again.

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I have been working to back track the aluminum powder usage through May, but there are some holes in the recording that are preventing me from having an accurate record. I've spoken with Emmanuel and we agreed the best course is likely to calculate the usage from all projects. If you have used any aluminum powder since May, I would appreciate it if you sent me any information on the build.

Also, there are some references to new powder that was received, but no information on the barcode. If there is any shipping information relating to aluminum powder I might can use that to identify it.


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