[Ncame-students] Cleaning the AM machines

Arash Soltani Tehrani azs0181 at auburn.edu
Wed Oct 21 11:29:41 CDT 2020

Dear colleagues,

Please bear with me to revisit the cleaning process of AM machines, as I believe some steps are sometimes skipped by all of us!

Cleaning the AM machines (especially EOS M290) includes:

  *   Sieving the powder and removing your parts
  *   Vacuuming or wiping the powder on the surface of wall panels, the door, and inside the outflow nozzle
  *   Taking out the inflow nozzle, and vacuuming the powder inside and behind it.
     *   Reason: The powder can get clogged in the inlet nozzle. In this case, you will indeed get different part performance
  *   Wiping the laser protective glass every time, before, and after use
     *   Reason: the laser beam will lose efficiency over time due to the dust and powder particles on the glass
  *   In the case of sieving, wiping all the powder and dust on top of the eos machine due to the sieving process
     *   Reason: it can damage the electrical parts by penetrating the components. In addition, when the EOS maintenance team comes to Auburn for any reason to repair the machine, they will not touch anything unless we make sure it is completely clean
  *   If you can see some powder on the ESD mats after the fabrication and cleaning process, please vacuum it if you know what powder it is. Otherwise, wipe it.
     *   Reason: they get deposited over time and can cause serious issues
  *   In the case of Renishaw, replacing the safe filter after every print if your print was long enough
  *   When leaving the plates on top of the tables, make sure you have completely cleaned the plate from powder and protected the tables with a paper towel. However, please try to avoid hanging paper tower as it does not look proper
  *   Sometimes, the blades are left carelessly in the cabinet. These blades (steel, ceramic, and brush) are very delicate and expensive. Either store them in the appropriate container or clean them and leave it on the paper towel in the cabinet. Don't leave with powder, please!

Thank you in for your collaboration and for keeping all the labs and machines in good condition.

Very Respectfully,

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