[Ncame-students] Build Failures in Additive ?

Arash Soltani Tehrani azs0181 at auburn.edu
Tue Oct 20 10:55:51 CDT 2020

Good morning Paul,

Please find attached a summary of defects we have observed in specimens fabricated in NASA and NCAME.
Please let us know if you have any comments or questions.


From: "Gradl, Paul R. (MSFC-ER13)" <paul.r.gradl at nasa.gov<mailto:paul.r.gradl at nasa.gov>>
Date: October 13, 2020 at 11:35:09 PM CDT
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Cc: "Schneider, Judith A. (MSFC-EM30)[UAH]" <judith.schneider at uah.edu<mailto:judith.schneider at uah.edu>>
Subject: Build Failures in Additive ?

Nima, Reza,
As we’ve been digging into additive samples, I know we’ve seen some issues in some materials. Do you have pictures of any of the following that are part of our samples or other ones Auburn has produced in studies? This can be L-PBF or LP-DED (laser powder DED – working with ASTM on terminology).

  *   Internal voids or porosity due to trapped gases
  *   Surface porosity
  *   Keyhole porosity (forming at end of a scan) about 50 to 100 microns
  *   Lack of melt-in or incomplete fusion
  *   Splatter – forms much larger defects on the order of 100s of microns
  *   Ejected particles
  *   Cracks


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