[Ncame-students] Assistance for relocation 2021

Mikyle Paul PLXMIK001 at myuct.ac.za
Thu Oct 8 04:29:21 CDT 2020

Hi all

I hope you are well. I will be joining the NCAME team next year in January which is something that I am really looking forward to! I was hoping to ask if anyone would be willing to provide some sort of advice regarding relocation, finding accommodation, financial planning and also any other essential information to know when starting off as a graduate student at AU? I will be coming from South Africa so I'd like to know any pointers or tips with moving to a new environment. Maybe some of you have relocated from your home countries and can show me the ropes in some way.

If you have some time, you may email me personally on this email address and we can discuss further. Any assistance would be really helpful and I would really appreciate it!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

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