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Thu Oct 1 13:45:40 CDT 2020

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Subject: Argon Storage in Gavin

Nima and Xiao,

I wanted to let you know that yesterday afternoon, I completed the move of the argon manifolds and accompanying cylinder storage. The area is located outside the basement door and is secured by a combination lock. The combination to the lock is 1856 (same as the other storage area).

I have spoken with AirGas and they are prepared to start delivering Argon cylinders to this area. When ordering gas cylinders, the new storage area is referred to as Gavin West and the existing storage area is Gavin East.

If you are ordering Argon for use in the manifolds, please indicate to AirGas that they need to be delivered to Gavin West. All other cylinder deliveries need to still be delivered to Gavin East.

When you are going to the basement to move cylinder around, please do NOT walk through lab 007. Please walk down the hallway. I am attaching a floor plan for everyone to follow.

Finally, I am attaching two pictures to this email for you all to see. Also, please note that I still need to install some protection to keep people from hitting their heads on the overhear columns, so in the meantime, please be careful.

If you can please distribute this email to the students in your group, I would really appreciate it.



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