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Thanks for the information, Arash.
I am happy to assist in whatever possible way I could.


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Dear rangers,

  *   To perform fine-tuning print, you need to just look for some similar .eosjob or .eosjz files in the fine-tuning folders (if you can’t find, please use the Windows search).
  *   In HWI, choose the desired process parameters, change the X, Y scaling parameters, and beam value to 0, 0, 0.1. Upload the material settings, and then export them to the machine.
  *   When your print is done, please look for the fine-tuning template excel sheet in fine tune folder (again, if not found, please use windows search) and based on the instruction there, find the new numbers and record.
  *   Finally, please open process parameters in HWI, input the new X, Y, and Beam values and upload again so that next users will fabricate with new offset numbers.

In addition, I would always be glad to assist you however try to lower the number of questions to only the ones that are urgent 😁 You can also refer first to Nabeel and Arun (as AM assistants) to resolve any issues in the AM lab. 😎

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