[Ncame-students] Renishaw housing beside to the sink in AM lab

Seungjong Lee szl0169 at auburn.edu
Mon May 18 14:32:55 CDT 2020

Dear all,

I am not sure about it since I printed 1st print of Al-10Si-Mg on March 9th.
Please try to remember whoever had printed with Renishaw using 316L SS before March 6th.
If someone remembers that who printed the latest 316L SS, please remind him. If that was me please let me know as well. I will clean it.

Best Regards,
Seungjong (John) Lee

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Hey guys,

There is a Renishaw filter housing (which I assume that includes a filter in it too) near to the sink in AM lab. Since we need to use the housing for prints in the future, the person who used it the last time (for 316L SS), and did not dispose of the filter, please go ahead and follow the filter change procedure to dispose of that filter.

Thank you

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