[Ncame-students] First floor sink counter wet near lobby

Shuai Shao sshao at auburn.edu
Tue May 5 09:43:45 CDT 2020


I am sending this email as a precaution.

I have noticed for a couple of months now that the first floor sink counter is always wet. In fact, there is always a big puddle of water right below the soap dispenser. Dr. Shamsaei and I have wiped the counter dry many times, and realized that we just could not keep up with our persistent splasher. I also have put a notice on the wall for this matter, it did not seem to help either.

Please be extra mindful when you are using the first floor sink from now on, and wipe the countertop dry after you are done.


Shuai Shao, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
1454 Wiggins Hall
Tel: 334-844-4867
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