[Ncame-students] Heat-treatment NASA

Nabeel Ahmad nza0057 at auburn.edu
Fri Dec 18 18:11:16 CST 2020

Good evening Students,

Dr. Shamsaei asked us to follow this before performing any stress-relieve or shipping the samples:

  1.  Use a new box furnace to do stress-relieve on all the LB-DED tensile samples ( or any specimen which will be machined later on).
  2.  Use old box furnace to do stress-relieve on the as-built fatigue specimens (or any specimen which will be tested in as-built condition). Besides, while using the old box furnace, please ensure to center the furnace door to avoid any inflow of air.
  3.  If you are shipping samples for the HIP process, Please do not write any heat-treatment cycle other than HIP cycle on the sheet.


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