[Ncame-students] Stress Relief Temperature and Time Schedule

Arash Soltani Tehrani azs0181 at auburn.edu
Fri Dec 18 09:58:02 CST 2020

Dear all

Just in case if Dr. Shamsaei says that we need to stress relief our specimens, I think it would be a good idea we minimize the use of furnace and do it together. We can separate them so they don't get mixed.

My heat treatment schedule is:

1065 Degree C for 2 hours + Furnace cooling

I have also some microstructural samples (tiny parts) which need to be stress relieved at the same temperature for 3 hours

So, if you have one of these heat treatments, please inform me.
1065 Degree C for 2 hours + Furnace cooling
1065 Degree C for 3 hours + Furnace cooling

Very Respectfully,

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