[Ncame-students] CO2 shortages

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Dr. Shamsaei,

I believe we will not need any CO2.


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Any use we have?

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ME Faculty:

Please note that there are expected shortages of CO2 gases in the foreseeable future.


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Subject: CO2 shortages

Due to increased demand for dry ice production related to COVID 19 vaccine storage and transportation requirements, there will be bone dry CO2 shortages from our local providers (Airgas, nexAir). Of course, this affects cell culture work for our labs in particular because we do not have central supply infrastructure and have to use small tanks.

As an FYI, our Pharmaceutical Sciences Ops. Mgr. may be reaching out to some contacts within your schools/colleges to see if there are any sources available here to borrow around if needed. We seem to be ahead of the issue right now and Airgas projects availability (very, limited) in a few days, but just another example of the ripple effect of the pandemic. With the university break pending, this is the time we try to “stock-up” on things like this.

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