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Subject: Office Cleaning in Gavin

Good afternoon,

As many of you may be aware, the Alternate Cleaning Policy that is in place does not allow ABM to enter office and perform regular cleaning. However, from December 2-4, they plan to enter and clean offices in Gavin. This cleaning is for offices only and does not include laboratories.

If you do NOT want your office cleaned during this time or you have a conflict with the time, please place the attached sign on your door so that ABM does not enter your office. If you prefer to have your office cleaned at a later time, a work order can be submitted and ABM will do their best to accommodate your request.

Auburn Facilities encourages all employees to secure personal belongings as a precaution to any potential issues.

Enhanced cleaning tasks for offices will include:

  *   Empty trash containers
  *   Disinfecting all nonelectronic surfaces
  *   Sweep/Vacuum office floors
  *   IMop  hard surface floors
  *   Clean carpet
  *   Dust blinds
  *   Clean windowsills
  *   Wipe down all chairs with disinfectant and clean chair legs
  *   Electrostatic misting
  *   Disinfect doorknobs & handles
  *   Clean vents
  *   Remove cobwebs
  *   Clean baseboards
  *   Dust picture frames
  *   Spot clean interior windows

The 3rd floor offices will also be cleaned during this time, so please share this with your graduate students so that they are aware.

Thank you,


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