[Ncame-students] Printing on EOS with the Carpenter IN718

Arash Soltani Tehrani azs0181 at auburn.edu
Fri Apr 24 18:15:52 CDT 2020

Hey all,

Shaharyar since I think you were the last person using the Trumpf, please remove the overflow bottle of the Trumpf with the forklift tomorrow (Muztahid and Nabeel can also show you if you have questions). Please don't forget to connect the grounding cord. Please also stand on the mattress or either ground yourself with the Trumpf ESD wrist band and use the scoop to transfer that powder to empty containers. (It is very important to ground container and yourself to prevent fire)

After that powder is completely removed, write "Not sieved" on that hand it into Arun so he can sieve the rest of powder using EOS sieve which is pretty much faster.

Patricio, Dr. Shamsaei wants to have the RQIS print first. Please make sure your file is ready. He advised me to let you know to adjust process parameters if needed and then Arun can print that for you.

Arun, tomorrow you will need to fabricate RQIS print which only requires a small amount of powder. So, go ahead with the current powder we took out (35 kg-40 kg) and fabricate RQIS specimens. When the print is done, please sieve all the powder including the ones that Shaharyar will give to you so it is ready for the next fabrication.

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