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Subject: Custodial Waste Reminder from Risk Management and Safety

Clean labs are a key part to effective research and education. To help better communicate the changing nature of waste management, ensure you are working with the most accurate and up-to-date guidance, and create a healthy safety culture, Risk Management and Safety would like to remind you of some necessary practices and policies.
Lab personnel are responsible for regular cleaning and disinfection of laboratory surfaces.

If you have solid (non-hazardous) waste, it should be placed outside the lab door at the end of the day for custodial staff to pick up and dispose of. Custodial staff will not have access to your lab unless it through a specific request and work order filled out through Auburn University Facilities Work Management. Work orders can be submitted here<http://www.auburn.edu/administration/facilities/> and examples include deep cleaning and floor waxing. These services are only provided at the request of the labs.

Lab personnel are also responsible for transporting autoclaved waste to the trash dumpster located outside of your building. Custodial staff members do not have access to autoclave rooms and have been instructed to not enter these spaces.

Custodial staff have been given the attached guidance flyer and have been given specific instructions to not service waste areas that contain any of these symbols or types of waste. Please follow your normal hazardous waste management procedures when dealing with these types of materials in your lab.

Thank you for doing your part to help keep research and education at Auburn University safe, healthy, and effective. If have any additional questions, please reach out to a specific Risk Management and Safety Team Member.

Catherine Situma
Lab Safety Program Manager

Cell: 740-9711
cns0013 at auburn.edu<mailto:cns0013 at auburn.edu>

Sevgi Kucuktas
Radiation Safety Officer
Laser Safety Officer

Cell: 334-703-0164
kucukse at auburn.edu<mailto:kucukse at auburn.edu>

Deepika Suresh
Biological Safety Officer
Lab Safety Specialist

Cell: 334-750-8040
dzs0023 at auburn.edu<mailto:dzs0023 at auburn.edu>

Thomas Hodges
Hazardous Materials Specialist

Cell: 703-7511
hodgetf at auburn.edu<mailto:hodgetf at auburn.edu>

Michael Freeman
Hazardous Materials Technician

Cell: 740-1267
freemms at auburn.edu<mailto:freemms at auburn.edu>

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