[Ncame-students] Serious noises from the construction

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No, I don't want anyone to go to library because we cannot ensure the environment is clean enough. Please send your concern to our safety manager and see what he can do. If nothing can be done and this will continue, we will come up with a plan this afternoon. One option is to get a few of the study rooms in Brown-Kopel, wipe and use them. Please see if Emmanuel can get us access there, again if this is to continue for a while. The noise is indeed annoying. Please also call the City and complain.



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Dear Dr. Shamsaei,

As you know, the construction across the road makes serious noises continuously. (especially from yesterday)
I have tried my best to ignore this sound (e.g. earplugs, noise-canceling headphones). However, I cannot cancel out this noise.
I got a headache because of this noise and I took Advil yesterday.

Today, they again started this noise pollution. So, I tried to move my spot somewhere else.
However, the noise on the 3rd floor even worse than the 2nd floor. I asked other students and they are feeling the same noise.

Could we go to the library or somewhere else to avoid this noise if they want?

Best regards,
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