[Ncame-students] Serious noises from the construction

Seungjong Lee szl0169 at auburn.edu
Tue Apr 14 10:44:29 CDT 2020

Dear Dr. Shamsaei,

As you know, the construction across the road makes serious noises continuously. (especially from yesterday)
I have tried my best to ignore this sound (e.g. earplugs, noise-canceling headphones). However, I cannot cancel out this noise.
I got a headache because of this noise and I took Advil yesterday.

Today, they again started this noise pollution. So, I tried to move my spot somewhere else.
However, the noise on the 3rd floor even worse than the 2nd floor. I asked other students and they are feeling the same noise.

Could we go to the library or somewhere else to avoid this noise if they want?

Best regards,
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