[Ncame-students] Organize and keep the toolboxes clean

Arash Soltani Tehrani azs0181 at auburn.edu
Thu Apr 9 08:47:42 CDT 2020


For the last one hour, I was trying to clean the tool boxes and organize to find the missing tools. The table was also in disaster situation full of trash, powder and dirt. Please when you work, clean after yourself with paper towels and isopropanol. If you clean for 3 minutes, will save hours of another person.

This is the last time, I would ask to please keep it clean and the same way. If I notice, anyone is not following, then he needs to clean the tool boxes again himself or go to store to find and buy missing tools. If you also see someone not following, please remind him and ask him to clean after he is done or bring the tools back to its place.

So if you have recently taken out any tools, please bring it back to its own place. Please keep the tool boxes as they are. Please!


Kind Regards,

Arash Soltani-Tehrani
Ph.D. Student | Auburn University
AM Laboratory Manager | Nat’l Cent. for Additive Mfg. Excellence (NCAME)
Senator | Graduate Student Council (GSC) | Auburn University
Phone: (334) 497-2159
Email: azs0181 at auburn.edu |
Website: eng.auburn.edu/ncame
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