[Ncame-students] Lab work

Rakish Shrestha rzs0080 at auburn.edu
Thu Apr 2 12:43:46 CDT 2020

Please let me know if anyone needs any of my help in the lab. I feel disconnected from the lab and will be more than happy to help if needed.

Shahriyar: Please make some time tomorrow (let me know which time will be good for you) so that we can go through the powder inventory and also show you what needs to be done in the powder room, since you are taking over the powder duty.

Arun & Nabeel: One of you was taking care of the chemical inventory (I do not remember who), please make sure everybody knows who is doing it. So that whenever anyone orders or get any new chemical, they can inform you (we have new isopropanol, dusters, epoxy and hardener right?). Also  if Dr. Nima or Dr. Shao has any question everyone can point out to the right person.

Please let me know if you have any question or if I need to do anything for the lab.


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